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fox11.de Amateurfunk in Aktion Hessentag 2011 Ham Radio Twin Towns Meeting

Ham Radio Twin Towns Meeting 2011

Hessentag 2011 in Oberursel / Germany

In 2011 during the state event "Hessentag" (June 10th - 19th 2011) in the city Oberursel, Germany, we want to meet all of our twin towns via ham radio. Oberursel has four twin towns, Épinay-sur-Seine (France), Lomonosov / Oranienbaum / Ломоносов (Russia), Rushmoor (England) and Koggenland / Ursem (Netherlands). We are looking forward to meet ham radio operators from all of these regions on air.

Searching You!

GermanyIf you are from one of the twin towns or living near by please contact us. We are searching for ham radio operators and local ham radio clubs / radio societies for this event. You can send a E-Mail to Daniel, DD7DKA, public relations officer, with your contact details (Name, Call, E-Mail).

Épinay-sur-Seine (France)

France  Twin town of Oberursel since May 16th 1964

Web: http://www.epinay-sur-seine.fr

Location: Map Link Wikipedia: Épinay-sur-Seine

Lomonosov, Ломоносов, Oranienbaum (Russia)

Russia  Twin town of Oberursel since June 6th 2004

Location: Map Link Wikipedia: Lomonosov

Rushmoor (England)

England  Twin town of Oberursel since October 7th 1989

Web: http://www.rushmoor.gov.uk

Location: Map Link Wikipedia: Rushmoor

Koggenland / Ursem (Netherlands)

Netherlands  Twin town of Oberursel since December 12th 1971

Web: http://www.koggenland.nl
(Menu "De gemeente" - "Dorpskernen" - "Ursem")

Location: Map Link Wikipedia: Ursem



ham radio operators from Épinay-sur-Seine (FR), Lomonosov (RU), Rushmoor (GB), Koggenland / Ursem (NL)


between June 10th - 19th 2011


ham radio, band / frequency information will be published in time.

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Twin Towns Meeting 2011
Twin Towns Meeting 2011